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Visualization of an HDF5 file
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HDF5 Library and Tools

Version Usage
HDF5 1.14.4 This should be the default choice for new users.
HDF5 1.12.3 This is the last release for HDF5 1.12. Users should move to HDF5 1.14.


Version Usage
HDFView 3.3.2 Most recent version; built and tested with HDF5-1.14.4, HDF 4.3.0, and openjdk 21.
HDFView 3.3.1 Older verison. Built and tested with HDF5-1.14.0, HDF 4.2.16-2, and openjdk 19.


Version Usage
HDF 4.3.0 New 4.3.x series with significant changes in public/private components
HDF 4.2.16-2 (Patch Release) Last release of the 4.2.x series


Version Usage
h4h5tools 2.2.5