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HDF 4.3.0

Release Information

Version HDF 4.3.0
Release Date 2/29/2024
Additional Release Information Release Notes
  Newsletter Announcement
  Compatibility Report for 4.3.0 vs 4.2.16-2
  Compatibility Report for 4.3.0 vs 4.2.16-2 - Java-interface



Applications that were created with earlier HDF4 releases AND employed internal information will not compile with HDF version 3.0. Refer to the HDF 4.2 to 4.3 Migration Guide for details.

File Type
hdf4.3.0.tar.gz Source release Source release
Ready to use Binaries Pre-built binary distributions for Unix and Windows
sha256 Checksum file

Please refer to Build Instructions for building with either CMake or Autotools.

Know Problems:

Some SZIP tests in mdfhdf failed when the SZIP encoder is not present and the failure can be ignored at this time.