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HDF5 Library and Tools 1.14.4

Release Information

Version HDF5
Release Date 05/22/24
Additional Release Information Release Notes
  Software Changes from Release to Release
  New Features in HDF5 Release 1.14
  Newsletter Announcement
  Doxygen generated Reference Manual
  API Compatibility Report between 1.14.3 and 1.14.4


File Type  
Source Release for Unix
Source Release for Windows  
Ready to use Binaries Pre-built binary distributions for Unix and Windows  

Please refer to Build instructions for building with either CMake or Autotools.

Methods to obtain (gz file)

Doxygen Generated Reference Manual

The new HDF5 documentation based on Doxygen is available here

This documentation is WORK-IN-PROGRESS.

Since this portion of the HDF5 documentation is now part of the source code, it gets the same treatment as code. In other words, issues, inaccuracies, corrections should be reported as issues in GitHub, and pull requests will be reviewed and accepted as any other code changes.