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Registered Virtual File Drivers (VFDs)

Members of the HDF5 users community can register VFDs for use with HDF5. To register a VFD please contact The HDF Helpdesk with the following information:

Here is the current policy regarding VFD identifier assignment: Valid VFD identifiers can have values from 0 through 255 for VFDs defined by the HDF5 library. Values 256 through 511 are available for testing new VFDs. Subsequent values should be obtained by contacting the The HDF Help Desk.

Please contact the maintainer of a VFD for help implementing the plugin.

List of VFDs Registered with The HDF Group

Driver Driver Identifier Search Name* Short Description URL Contacts
CUDA GPU 512 gds The HDF5 GPUDirect Storage VFD is a Virtual File Driver (VFD) for HDF5 that can be used to interface with Nvidia’s GPUDirect Storage (GDS) API. The driver is built as a plugin library that is external to HDF5. Suren Byna (sbyna at lbl dot gov)
GDAL vsil 513 vsil The HDF5 GDAL vsil Storage VFD is a Virtual File Driver (VFD) for the GDAL HDF5 driver that can be used to access any file supported by the GDAL Virtual File System Interface ( Even Rouault (even dot rouault at spatialys dot com)
Unidata/UCAR NetCDF-C ByteRange 514 byte-range The Unidata H5FDhttp.[ch] VFD driver is used to support accessing remote files using the HTTP byte range mechanism. It is part of the Unidata Netcdf-C library. Dennis Heimbigner (dmh at

*The Search Name provides a mechanism for searching for a VFD.