Retrieves information about a chunk specified by its coordinates


H5D_GET_CHUNK_INFO_BY_COORD (dset_id, offset, filter_mask, addr, size)


<pre><code class="language-c">

herr_t H5Dget_chunk_info_by_coord (hid_t dset_id, const hsize_t *offset, unsigned *filter_mask, haddr_t
*addr, hsize_t *size)


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hid_t dset_id    

IN: Dataset identifier

hsize_t *offset

IN: Pointer to a one-dimensional array with a size equal to the dataset’s rank. Each element is the logical position of the chunk’s first element in a dimension.

unsigned *filter_mask

OUT: Filter mask indicating which filters were used with the chunk when written. A zero value indicates that all enabled filters are applied on the chunk. A filter is skipped if the bit corresponding to the filter’s position in the pipeline (0 ≤ position < 32) is turned on. If the chunk does not exist the value at the pointer location is not modified.

haddr_t *addr

OUT: Chunk address in the file; if chunk does not exist the address is set to HADDR_UNDEF

hsize_t *size

OUT: Chunk size in bytes; if chunk doesn’t exist the size is set to 0


H5D_GET_CHUNK_INFO_BY_COORD retrieves the filter mask filter_mask, size size and address addr for a chunk in the dataset specified by the dataset identifier dset_id, using the coordinates specified by offset. If the queried chunk does not exist in the file, the size will be set to 0 and the address to HADDR_UNDEF. The value pointed to by filter_mask will not be modified.


Returns a non-negative value if successful. Otherwise returns a negative value.


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1.10.5C function introduced