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Helper script to compile HDF5 C++ applications

h5c++ [OPTIONS] <compile line>


h5c++ can be used in much the same way MPIch is used to compile an HDF5 program. It takes care of specifying where the HDF5 header files and libraries are on the command line.

h5c++ supersedes all other compiler scripts in that if you've used one set of compiler scripts to compile the HDF5 C++ library, then h5c++ uses those same scripts. For example, when compiling an MPIch program, you use the mpiCC script.

Some programs use HDF5 in only a few modules. It isn't necessary to use h5c++ to compile those modules which don't use HDF5. In fact, since h5c++ is only a convenience script, you are still able to compile HDF5 C++ modules in the normal way. In that case, you will have to specify the HDF5 libraries and include paths yourself. Use the -show option to see the details.

An example of how to use h5c++ to compile the program hdf_prog, which consists of modules prog1.cpp and prog2.cpp and uses the HDF5 C++ library, would be as follows:

        # h5c++ -c prog1.cpp
        # h5c++ -c prog2.cpp
        # h5c++ -o hdf_prog prog1.o prog2.o

Options and Parameters:
-helpPrints a help message.
-echoShow all the shell commands executed.
-prefix=DIRUse the directory DIR to find HDF5 lib/ and include/ subdirectories 
Default: prefix specified when configuring HDF5.
-showShow the commands without executing them.
-shlibCompile using shared HDF5 libraries. 
Default for HDF5 built without static libraries.
-noshlibCompile using static HDF5 libraries. 
Default for HDF5 built with static libraries.
<compile line>
The normal compile line options for your compiler. h5c++ uses the same compiler you used to compile HDF5. Check your compiler's manual for more information on which options are needed.

Environment Variables:

When set, these environment variables override some of the built-in defaults of h5c++.

HDF5_CXXUse a different C++ compiler.
HDF5_CXXLINKERUse a different linker.
HDF5_USE_SHLIB=[yes|no]    Use shared version of the HDF5 library. 
Default: no, except when HDF5 built with only shared libraries.
HDF5_CPPFLAGSUse additional preprocessor flags.
HDF5_CXXFLAGSUse additional C++ compiler flags.
HDF5_LDFLAGSUse additional library paths.
HDF5_LIBSUse additional libraries.

The last four of these environment variables have corresponding variables with names ending in BASE that can also be set by editing their values in the "Things You Can Modify to Override HDF5 Library Build Components" section of the h5c++script.

Note that adding library paths to HDF5_LDFLAGS where another HDF5 version is located may link your program with that other HDF5 Library version.

Exit Status:
> 0    An error occurred.

Release    Change
1.8.12Tool modified to switch default to link to shared libraries when HDF5 configured with --disable-static.
1.8.6Four compiler flags and environment variables added.
1.8.5Tool exit status codes updated.
1.6.0Tool introduced in this release.

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