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Problems installing Parallel HDF5 on IBM Regatta (with AIX5)

When running configure and then make, errors similar to the following come up:

Macro name H5_PACKAGE_NAME cannot be redefined.
"H5_PACKAGE_NAME" is defined on line 312 of ../../src/H5pubconf.h.
Macro name H5_PACKAGE_STRING cannot be redefined.
... etc ...

This indicates that the HDF5 library was being built with the wrong C compiler that does not support MPI. Follow the instructions in the ./release_docs/INSTALL_parallel file, under the "IBM SP" section. Though it is geared towards a particular IBM installation, it does applies to the Regatta. The only exception is that you probably don't do the:


On the other hand, IBM has hundreds of environment variables and various compilers. Each site has various individual settings. Therefore, you should first try to compile and run some simple MPI-IO programs, both C and Fortran90, with the compilers,  mpcc_r and mpxlf_r, respectively. Once you get your MPI parallel environment set up, you can proceed with the instructions mentioned above.