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How do you build HDF5 using gcc and either Intel or Lahey Fortran?

The Intel and Lahey Fortran linkers cannot find the proper GNU gcc library, causing the build to fail in the fortran/test and fortran/examples directories with the error unresolved __fixunsdfdi symbol.

Use the,

     setenv LIBS "-lgcc_s"  (if using dynamic linking)
     setenv LIBS "-lgcc"    (if using static linking.  For example, 
                             if using ifort with the "-static" option)

command before running configure, or modify the LIBS argument in the fortran/test/Makefile and fortran/examples/Makefile files. Then continue the build in the fortran directory.

If you use h5cc or h5fc, you will also need to edit them and add "-lgcc_s" or "-lgcc" to them.