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AdaAda, Adapp: The HDF5 Library for HDF5-1.8.9 and HDF5-1.8.14 from IDRIS
C++H5CPP - HDF5 C++ templates for HDF5
C++h5cpp - HDF5 C++ wrapper for the HDF5 C library 
Common Lispcl-ana - Free (GPL) Common Lisp data analysis library with emphasis on modularity and conceptual clarity
DelphiDelphi bindings - available from the HDF Forum
MathematicaHDF5Mathematica - HDF5 interface for Mathematica
Javajhdf5 - Java binding for HDF5-1.8, focusing on ease-of-use and maintained by ETH SIS
JuliaJuliaIO/HDF5 - HDF5 interface for the Julia language
Pythonh5py - Pythonic interface to HDF5
Rrhdf5 - R interface for HDF5