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With OpenMPI 2.x through 3.1.3, as well as 4.0.0, potential data corruption and crashes have been observed due to bugs within OMPIO. These problems have generally been resolved by switching to the ROMIO I/O backend for the time being by supplying the command-line option “–mca io ^ompio” ompio” to mpirun. For more information, refer to 5

With OpenMPI 1.10 and the 3.0 series using the ROMIO I/O backend, crashes related to datatype flattening have been observed in the “t_filters_parallel” test on various Linux machines. Switching to the OMPIO I/O backend by adding “–mca io ^ompio” ompio” to mpirun has been sufficient to resolve these crashes. However, for OpenMPI 1.10 test failures still occur in “t_filters_parallel” due to a bug in MPI_Mprobe.