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Some of the terms that you must understand in this tutorial are:

    • MPI Communicator:

      Allows a group of processes to communicate with each other.

      Following are the MPI routines for initializing MPI and the communicator and finalizing a session with MPI:

          C               Fortran          Description
          --              -------          -----------
          MPI_Init        MPI_INIT         Initialize MPI (MPI_COMM_WORLD usually)
          MPI_Comm_size   MPI_COMM_SIZE    Define how many processes are contained 
                                           in the communicator
          MPI_Comm_rank   MPI_COMM_RANK    Define the process ID number within 
                                           the communicator (from 0 to n-1)
          MPI_Finalize    MPI_FINALIZE     Exiting MPI


    • Collective:   MPI defines this to mean all processes of the communicator must participate in the right order.