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Once you have HDFView installed, bring it up and you are ready to begin the tutorial.

titleNot able Unable to complete tutorial because fields are greyed out ?

This tutorial requires that the default HDFView File Access Mode be Read / Write. If fields are greyed out so that you cannot select them, then the File Access Mode is Read Only.

To change the File Access Mode follow these steps:

  • Bring up HDFView
  • Left-mouse click on the Tools pull-down menu and select User Options.
  • A Preferences window pops up with the General Settings tab selected.
    About half-way down you will see Default File Access Mode.
    Select Read / Write.
  • Click on Apply and Close at the bottom of the window.
  • Close down HDFView.
  • Bring HDFView back up and try the tutorial again.

PLEASE BE AWARE that selecting a File Access Mode of Read / Write can result in changes to the timestamp of HDF files that are viewed with HDFView. In general, a File Access Mode of Read Only should be used to ensure that this does not occur.