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  • gif2hdf - converts GIF image into HDF GR image.
  • hdf24to8 - converts 24-bit raster images to hdf 8-bit images
  • h4cc - compiles an HDF4 C program
  • h4fc - compiles an HDF4 F90 program
  • h4redeploy - Updates paths in h4cc/h4fc after the HDF4 pre-compiled binaries have been installed in a new location
  • hdf2gif - converts HDF GR image into GIF image.
  • hdf2jpeg - converts hdf raster images to jpeg images
  • hdf8to24 - converts an 8-bit image into a 24-bit image
  • hdfcomp - re-compresses an 8-bit raster hdf file
  • hdfed - hdf file editor
  • hdfls - lists information about an HDF file at a low level
  • hdfimport - imports ASCII or binary data into HDF
  • hdfpack - compacts an hdf file
  • hdftopal - extracts a palette from an hdf file
  • hdftor8 - extracts 8-bit raster images and palettes from an hdf file
  • hdfunpac - unpacks an HDF file by exporting the scientific data elements (DFTAG_SD) to external object elements. This is a utility for external file handling for the parallel I/O interface on the CM5.
  • hdiff - compares two HDF files and reports the differences
  • hrepack - copies an HDF file to a new file with/without compression and/or chunking
  • jpeg2hdf - converts jpeg images to hdf raster images
  • ncdump - generates an ASCII representation of a netCDF file (for input to ncgen)
  • ncgen - converts a CDL description of a netCDF file into an HDF file
  • paltohdf - converts a raw palette to hdf
  • r8tohdf - converts 8-bit raster images to hdf
  • ristosds - converts a series of raster image hdf files into a single 3D sds hdf file.
  • vmake - creates vsets
  • vshow - dumps out vsets in an hdf file

HDF4 Tools by Category

Table of HDF4 tools by category

HDF Java Products (including HDFView)


HDF-Java wrappers and a Java-based tool for browsing and editing HDF4 and HDF5 files.

H4-H5 Conversion Software

Converting between HDF 4.x and HDF5

Other Tools of Interest

Software using HDF