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New Collective Metadata I/O Functions
H5P_SET_COLL_METADATA_WRITE  Establishes I/O mode property setting, collective or independent, for metadata writes
H5P_GET_COLL_METADATA_WRITERetrieves I/O mode property setting for metadata writes
H5P_SET_ALL_COLL_METADATA_OPS  Establishes I/O mode, collective or independent, for metadata read operations
H5P_GET_ALL_COLL_METADATA_OPSRetrieves I/O mode for metadata read operations

Additional API Reference

Functions with No Access Property List Parameter that May Generate Metadata Reads

This page lists the functions associated with HDF5 operations that can issue metadata reads from the metadata cache, but that currently provide no access property list parameter by which to set a collective requirement individually for those read operations. The need for this document is discussed in H5P_SET_ALL_COLL_METADATA_OPS.