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  1. What is the best way to write metadata for each process?

    For an HDF5 file that is being written to in parallel, I am trying to simulate the writing of attributes/metadata on a perprocess basis. These attributes contain metadata about an individual process's data (they are not shared across all processes). I know that HDF5 attributes must be written collectively
    HDF Knowledge BaseApr 09, 2018
  2. Metadata Cache Issues under SWMR and their Solutions

    Description The HDF5 library contains a cache that provides more efficient access to HDF5 file metadata. Although helpful in most instances, this cache can … that can affect HDF5 file metadata operations. This document describes the cacheoriented problems that the HDF5 Library must overcome in order to implement the SWMR
    HDF5Mar 02, 2018
  3. Functions with No Access Property List Parameter that May Generate Metadata

    Currently there are several operations in HDF5 that can issue metadata reads from the metadata cache, but that take no property list. It is therefore … on H5FOPEN or H5FCREATE for all metadata operations to be collective. The following is a list of those functions in the HDF5 library. This list is integral
    HDF5Jan 17, 2018
  4. RFC Collective Metadata Reads

    HDF5Jun 06, 2019
  5. RFC Metadata Cache Image

    HDF5Apr 06, 2018
  6. Design - Metadata Cache Issues

    HDF5Apr 06, 2018
  7. RFC Collective Metadata Writes

    HDF5Apr 06, 2018
  8. Design HDF5 - Metadata Cache Logging

    HDF5Apr 06, 2018
  9. RFC Read Attempts for Metadata with Checksum

    HDF5Apr 06, 2018
  10. RFC Fine-grained Control of Metadata Cache Flushes

    HDF5Apr 06, 2018