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  1. HDF-Java

    HDFJava wrappers are provided for users who wish to compile HDF5 and HDF4 applications in Java. They are the native interfaces for Java HDF (JHI) and Java HDF5 (JHI5) that consist of the Java classes and C interface libraries. These wrappers: use 64bit object identifiers. can be obtained by BUILDING HDF51.10
    HDF Support PortalMay 15, 2019
  2. Java Exception: Unsupported fileformat

    or name of the HDF5 file. If you remove the unicode characters from the file and/or path, it should correct the problem. java unsupported fileformat exception
    HDF Knowledge BaseSep 12, 2019
  3. Java Native Interface for HDF Version 3

    and not well documented. 1. Overview These packages "wrap" the HDF libraries using the Java Native Method Interface There are two wrappers, one for the HDF4 library (JHI) and one for the HDF5 library (JHI5). Package Description Java HDF Interface
    HDFViewAug 02, 2018
  4. HDF5 Java Documentation

    The HDF5 Java API documentation is generated from HDF5: The HDF5 Java Object Package documentation is included in the javadocs for HDFView, accessible from the HDFView web pages:
    HDF5Oct 24, 2018
  5. HDF5 Java Object Package

    The HDF5 Java Object Package documentation is provided with the HDFView javadocs
    HDF5Oct 24, 2018
  6. Is there a Java HDF4 Interface?

    Yes, there is a Java Interface for HDF. For information on this please refer to the Java HDF Interface (JHI4) page. faq kbarticle hdf4
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 13, 2017
  7. Java HDF Object Package

    The Java HDF4 Object Package will be available here after its next release. In the meantime, find the Java HDF4 Object Package hosted on the old support site:
    HDF4Jan 18, 2018
  8. Java HDF Interface (JHI4)

    <iframe class="hdfjavadocs" height="800px" width="100%" src=""></iframe>
    HDF4Nov 03, 2017
  9. HDF-EOS-updates-Sep2019.pdf

    , FORTRAN, Java, MATLAB and Python), tutorials, information about using features such as compression and dynamically loaded filters, and much more
    HDF Support Portal / … / September 2019Sep 23, 2019
  10. Learning_the_Basics.pdf

    is implemented in C. To facilitate the work of FORTRAN 90, C and Java programmers, HDF5 function wrappers have been developed in each of these languages. This tutorial … FORTRAN routines begin with “h5” and end with “f”: File Interface: h5fopenf Dataset Interface: h5dopenf APIS for languages like C, Java, and Python use methods
    HDF5 / … / Learning the Basics in PDFJun 21, 2019