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  1. Software Using HDF4

    . hdfcomp, hdfpack, ...) The HDF Group Java Products The HDF Java Products consist of HDFJava wrappers around the HDF4 and HDF5 library, and HDFView, a Javabased tool for browsing and editing HDF4 and HDF5 files. HDF Object package APIs are provided with the HDFView tool. For more information, see: HDFJava HDFView
    HDF4Sep 12, 2019
  2. HDF4

    Welcome to the HDF4 Support Page! Current Release: HDF 4.2.14 Download Source HDF4 (also known as HDF) is a library and multiobject file format for storing and managing data between machines. There are two versions of HDF technologies that are completely different: HDF4 and HDF5. HDF4 is the first HDF format. Although
    HDF4May 15, 2019
  3. How is HDF5 different than HDF4

    What are the Most Noticeable Differences between HDF4 and HDF5? The HDF5 Format is completely different from HDF4. For most users it will never be necessary to know about the file format for either format. Most users will work with the Data Model and APIs. The HDF4 and HDF5 Data Models and APIs are considerably
    HDF Knowledge BaseMay 01, 2019
  4. HDF4 Mapping

    The NASA Earth Observing System (EOS) has more than a petabyte of critical earth science data stored in the HDF4 format. It will be important to have access … to read HDF4 files without relying on HDF4 libraries prompted the work described in here the construction of textbased "maps" of the actual data in NASA's HDF4
    HDF Support PortalNov 20, 2018
  5. Download HDF4

    Download the Latest Version of HDF4 Want the source code in Git? The HDF4 source code is maintained in a public Git repository on our Bitbucket server: Looking for a specific release? HDF4 releases by version number. Downloads
    HDF Support PortalMay 15, 2019
  6. HDF4 Tools

    HDF4 Commandline Tools Following is a list of the HDF utilities that are available. These tools come with the precompiled binary distribution for the platforms … for detailed information regarding the HDF4 utilities. One of the most useful utilities is: hdp provides quick and general information about all objects
    HDF4Apr 03, 2018
  7. Building HDF4 with CMake

    Overview A CTest script and platform configuration file can be used to simplify building with CMake. The script below will build HDF4 with SZIP, ZLIB … the line: set(ADDBUILDOPTIONS "$ DHDF4PACKAGEEXTLIBS:BOOL=ON") Build Instructions Create a working directory. Uncompress the HDF4 CMake source code file
    HDF Support PortalJun 28, 2018
  8. Where can I get the HDF4 source code and information relevant to HDF4?

    For information, take a look at the Download HDF4 page. faq kbarticle hdf4
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 04, 2017
  9. Are there limitations to HDF4 files?

    Yes. Here are some of the limitations on HDF4 files: HDF4 files cannot be larger than 2 GB. There is a limit of 20000 objects in an HDF4 file. Usually … ) faq hdf4 kbarticle
    HDF Knowledge BaseJul 14, 2017
  10. Should new products be developed in HDF (HDF4)?

    No, we do not recommend storing new products in HDF4. You should use HDF5 instead. We also want to encourage and help users move from HDF4 to HDF5. Please let us know if you need help with this. HDF4 still works well for many users, and we are pleased that it has served users so well. However, there are good reasons
    HDF Knowledge BaseJul 11, 2017