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  1. HDF5 Fortran Library

    HDF5 Fortran library documentation includes the following: HDF5 Fortran User Notes HDF5 Fortran Datatypes, Flags and Functions HDF5 C/Fortran Reference Manual New Features in the HDF5 Fortran Library: Adding Support for the Fortran 2003 Standard (PDF only) Examples Regarding Fortran environments: HDF51.10: The HDF5
    HDF5Sep 14, 2018
  2. HDF5 Fortran User Notes

    About the source code organization The Fortran APIs are organized in modules parallel to the HDF5 Interfaces. Each module is in a separate file with the name H5ff.f. Corresponding C stubs are in the H5f.c files. For example, the Fortran File APIs are in the file H5Fff.f and the corresponding C stubs are in the file
    HDF5Sep 13, 2018
  3. HDF5 Fortran Datatypes, Flags and Functions

    This page includes information on: HDF5 Fortran Datatypes HDF5 Fortran Flags HDF5 Fortran Required Calls HDF5 Fortran Utility Functions HDF5 Fortran Datatypes HDF5 Fortran datatypes are listed in HDF5 Predefined
    HDF5Feb 22, 2019
  4. Building Fortran application with Intel Fortran, get "/lib/ : warning feupdateenv is not implemented"

    Add idynamic to FCFLAGS. faq hdf5 kbarticle build fortran troubleshooting
    HDF Knowledge BaseJun 14, 2017
  5. Can you build shared Fortran libraries in HDF5?

    Shared Fortran libraries are supported for some platforms for the HDF5 1.8 and HDF5 1.10 releases. Refer to the Supported Configuration Features Summary in the release notes for the corresponding release for more details. fortran faq hdf5 kbarticle build
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 13, 2017
  6. How do you build HDF5 using gcc and either Intel or Lahey Fortran?

    The Intel and Lahey Fortran linkers cannot find the proper GNU gcc library, causing the build to fail in the fortran/test and fortran/examples directories … , if using ifort with the "static" option) command before running configure, or modify the LIBS argument in the fortran/test/Makefile and fortran/examples/Makefile
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 13, 2017
  7. HDF5 C/Fortran Reference Manual

    HDF5Dec 08, 2017
  8. Users_Guide.pdf

    such as filters for compression. The HDF5 library is linked to an application program which may be written in C, C, Fortran, or Java. The application program implements
    HDF5 / … / HDF5 User's GuideMay 27, 2020
  9. NewFeatures_F2003.pdf

    November 3, 2011 Fortran 2003 Page 1 of 19 New Features in the HDF5 Fortran Library: Adding support for the Fortran 2003 Standard This document describes limitations in the current HDF5 Fortran Library and how they are addressed in HDF5 Release 1.8.8 by using properties of the Fortran 2003 standard. The release
    HDF5 / … / New Features F2003Sep 14, 2018
  10. HDF5-PARALLEL_ShortCourse.pdf

    contain compiler/linker flags •h5pcc – HDF5 C compiler command •Similar to mpicc •h5pfc – HDF5 Fortran compiler command • Similar to mpif90 • To compile: h5pcc … array •Each process may write to individual data array 10/12/20 19 PHDF5 API languages • C and Fortran language interfaces • Most platforms
    HDF5 / … / Parallel HDF5Oct 12, 2020