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  1. HDF Compass

    The HDF Group is excited to announce HDF Compass, a visual tool to navigate HDF5 files and other resources (local and remote). HDF Compass enables you to view datasets, attributes, and groups. Simple line, image, and contour plots are supported as well. HDF Compass is crossplatform and runs on Windows (7 or later
    HDF Support PortalNov 20, 2018
  2. Projects

    for HDF5. HDF Compass HDF Compass is a new viewer for HDF5 and related formats. HDF Server HDF Server is a Pythonbased web service that can be used to send
    HDF Support PortalDec 12, 2018
  3. Software Using HDF5

    . HDF Compass Visualization Open Source A visual tool to navigate HDF5 files HDF Explorer
    HDF Support PortalOct 03, 2019