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    .rmnavbar Returns information about an object. This function is deprecated in favor of the function H5OGETINFO and H5LGETINFO. Procedure: H5GGETOBJINFO(locid, name, followlink, statbuf) Signature: <pre><code class="languagec">herrt H5Ggetobjinfo(hidt locid, const char name, hboolt followlink, H5Gstatt statbuf )</code>
    HDF5Apr 25, 2019
  2. How is HDF5 different than HDF4

    What are the Most Noticeable Differences between HDF4 and HDF5? The HDF5 Format is completely different from HDF4. For most users it will never be necessary to know about the file format for either format. Most users will work with the Data Model and APIs. The HDF4 and HDF5 Data Models and APIs are considerably differe
    HDF Knowledge BaseMay 01, 2019
  3. Users_Guide.pdf

    HDF5 User’s Guide HDF5 Release 1.10 Copyright Notice and License Terms See the Copyright Notices page on The HDF Group web site for the HDF5 Copyright Notice and Licensing Terms. This information can also be found in the COPYING file in the top directory of the HDF5 source code. HDF5 is available with the SZIP compress
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  4. HDF5_Users_Guide.pdf

    HDF5 User’s Guide HDF5 Release 1.11.x Some Month Some Year after 2015 HDF5 User’s Guide ii The HDF Group HDF5 User’s Guide Copyright Notice and License Terms The HDF Group iii Copyright Notice and License Terms This page has copyright notice and license terms for the HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format 5) Software Library a
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