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  1. Building HDF4 with CMake

    the line: set(ADDBUILDOPTIONS "$ DHDF4PACKAGEEXTLIBS:BOOL=ON") Build Instructions Create a working directory. Uncompress the HDF4 CMake source code file … contains: (.bat) Build Script(s) CTestScript.cmake ctest Command hdfN/ HDF4 Source Code HDF4config.cmake Configuration file HDF4options.cmake User modifiable
    HDF Support PortalJun 28, 2018
  2. Where can I get the HDF4 source code and information relevant to HDF4?

    For information, take a look at the Download HDF4 page. faq kbarticle hdf4
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 04, 2017
  3. Building HDF5 with CMake

    directory should be in a scratch or parallel file system space, since testing will use this space. 2. Uncompress the HDF5 CMake source code file into the working … the Build / Compiling an Application HDF5 Examples The build can be verified by compiling the HDF5 Examples included with the CMake source code. A compressed file
    HDF Support PortalAug 20, 2019
  4. How to Change HDF4 CMake Build Options

    options Change options from the command line As described on the Building HDF4 with CMake page, batch files for Windows and a shell script for Unix are provided … =ZZZZ") The config/cmake/cacheinit.cmake file has a complete list of the options that can be used to build HDF4. (Section V in the INSTALLCMake.txt file lists
    HDF Support PortalJun 26, 2018
  5. How to Change HDF5 CMake Build Options

    (ADDBUILDOPTIONS "$ DXXX:YY=ZZZZ") The config/cmake/cacheinit.cmake file in the source code has a complete list of the options that can be used to build HDF5. (Section V in the releasedocs/INSTALLCMake.txt file in the source code lists the default CMake options used by HDF5.) Several options are included
    HDF Support PortalAug 07, 2019
  6. Examples in the Source Code

    The HDF5 source code provides many example programs: C FORTRAN Java C High Level C Feature Example Introductory examples Examples from Learning the Basics … examples in the source code do is included below. For information on using the VDS feature see Virtual Dataset in the New Features in HDF5 Release 1.10. Also see
    HDF5Apr 04, 2018
  7. What HDF4 header files should you use in your application?

    come with the precompiled binaries and source code. faq kbarticle hdf4 … The header file hdf.h must be included in every HDF application written in C, except for programs that call routines in the SD interface. The header file
    HDF Knowledge BaseAug 08, 2017
  8. How do I build HDF5 from source

    to the INSTALLCMake.txt file in the source code.) If need be, specify … to the INSTALL file in the releasedocs/ directory of the HDF5 source code
    HDF Knowledge BaseJul 16, 2019
  9. Are serial HDF5 and Parallel HDF5 in the same source code?

    Yes, serial HDF5 and Parallel HDF5 (PHDF5) are part of the same HDF5 source code. Parallel HDF5 is a configure option that you can specify to build HDF5 … in the source code for more details. faq hdf5 kbarticle parallel build
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 14, 2017
  10. How to link to static runtime library on Windows with CMake

    runtime library means the runtime is linked into the final exe. You have to build from source with CMake to do this. See: Building HDF5 with CMake or Building HDF4 with CMake. Make the following changes to the source code before building: Edit the ./<HDF source>/config/cmake/UserMacros/WindowsMT.cmake file: Set the correct
    HDF Support PortalAug 14, 2018