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  1. Building Fortran application with Intel Fortran, get "/lib/ : warning feupdateenv is not implemented"

    Add idynamic to FCFLAGS. faq hdf5 kbarticle build fortran troubleshooting
    HDF Knowledge BaseJun 14, 2017
  2. Can you build shared Fortran libraries in HDF5?

    Shared Fortran libraries are supported for some platforms for the HDF5 1.8 and HDF5 1.10 releases. Refer to the Supported Configuration Features Summary in the release notes for the corresponding release for more details. fortran faq hdf5 kbarticle build
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 13, 2017
  3. How do you build HDF5 using gcc and either Intel or Lahey Fortran?

    The Intel and Lahey Fortran linkers cannot find the proper GNU gcc library, causing the build to fail in the fortran/test and fortran/examples directories … , if using ifort with the "static" option) command before running configure, or modify the LIBS argument in the fortran/test/Makefile and fortran/examples/Makefile
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 13, 2017
  4. How do I install HDF4

    /bin/f90 xarch=v9" Also, remember that HDF4 builds with Fortran by default. Particularly on systems that support both 32bit and 64bit, HDF may pick up the wrong … >&1 check.out gmake install To disable fortran: ./configure disablefortran ... To enable shared libraries: enableshared disablefortran Fortran shared libraries
    HDF Knowledge BaseMay 04, 2020
  5. Things that can affect performance

    the datasets. A fixed length dataset that is compressed can be used as an alternative to using a variable length datatype. Compound Datatypes in Fortran and Java: Compound datatypes work well with C, but they are slow when using them with Fortran or Java. They are also cumbersome, because you can only read/write data
    HDF Knowledge BaseApr 09, 2019
  6. How do you build HDF5 on BlueGene/L?

    : mpxlC F77: mpxlf F90: mpxlf90 First try building without C/Fortran support, unless you need those. If you don't have these compilers available to you, you should … the following line to configure: ./configure enableparallel enablefortran disablecxx disablestreamvfd You may want to disable fortran, if you don't need
    HDF Knowledge BaseJul 14, 2017
  7. What HDF4 header files should you use in your application?

    , mfhdf.h, must be included in all programs that call the SD interface routines. Fortran programmers who use compilers that allow file inclusion can include the files and If a Fortran compiler that does not support file inclusion is used, the HDF library definitions must be explicitly defined
    HDF Knowledge BaseAug 08, 2017
  8. HDF5 Documentation

    to the Virtual Dataset (VDS) Advanced examples of subsetting, datatypes, mounting and file drivers Library and Tools Reference Manuals: HDF5 C/Fortran Reference Manual … HDF5 Fortran Library HDF5 1.12 CPP Reference Manual HDF5 Java Documentation HDF5 Language Bindings Tools HDF5 Examples: Examples
    HDF Knowledge BaseJan 14, 2020
  9. How do you create a dataset with a 16-bit datatype in F90?

    What you have to do is use the Fortran INTEGER type in memory and use h5tsetsizef on H5TINTEGERNATIVE (or another INTEGER type) to set the size to 2 bytes … fortran faq hdf5 kbarticle datatypes
    HDF Knowledge BaseDec 13, 2017
  10. Questions about thread-safety and concurrent access

    level. This means that the Java, Fortran, C, and highlevel libraries are not officially supported when built with threadsafety. You can work around … to a nonthreadsafe version of the library installed elsewhere on the system. The application is using the High Level, Fortran, Java, or C wrappers, none of which
    HDF Knowledge BaseJul 24, 2019