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 Release Information

Versionh4h5tools 2.2.5
Release Date2020- 03-10


Release Notes

Release Notes



FileOperating SystemCompilersCommentsha256 File
h4h5tools-2.2.5.tar.gzSource release Gzipped source tarballh4h5tools-2.2.5-src.sha256
h4h5tools-2.2.5.zipSource release Windows zip file    "
h4h5tools-1.10.6-2.2.5-centos7_64.tar.gzLinux 3.10 CentOS 7 x86_64gcc 4.8.5Pre-built tar file (CMake)h4h5tools-1.10.6-2.2.5-centos7_64.tar.gz.sha256
h4h5tools-1.10.6-2.2.5-osx1013_64-clang.tar.gzmacOS 10.13.6clang/clang++ 10.0.0Pre-built tar file (CMake)h4h5tools-1.10.6-2.2.5-osx1013_64-clang.tar.gz.sha256
h4h5tools-1.10.6-2.2.5-win10_64-vs15.zipWindows 10 64-bitVS 2017Windows zip file (CMake)
h4h5tools-1.10.6-2.2.5-win10_64-vs14.zipWindows 10 64-bitVS 2015Windows zip file (CMake)
h4h5tools-1.10.6-2.2.5-win7_64-vs14.zipWindows 7 64-bitVS 2015Windows zip file (CMake)


Release Notes

Please note that macOS version 10.13.6 was also tested (with clang/clang++ 10.0.0).

Include Bitbucket Server for Confluence: An error occured

Connection to Bitbucket Server could not be established. Verify that you have properly configured the Bitbucket Server application link for your Confluence space and that your Bitbucket Server instance is up and running. Error details: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target


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