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Announcing PyHexad ‐ an HDF5 Add-in for Excel

We are proud to announce the availability of PyHexad 0.1!

PyHexad is a Python-based Excel add-in for HDF5 that can be used to read or write data in HDF5 files from Microsoft Excel on Windows. This functionality is made available to Excel users through a set of about a dozen user-defined functions and includes endpoints for displaying file contents (see movie), reading and writing arrays, tables, and attributes (see movie), as well as displaying images (see movie) stored in HDF5 datasets.

To access HDF5 files from Excel is probably among the all-time TOP 10 most frequently asked questions for features. PyHexad 0.1 is an attempt to explore this concept with a relatively modest development effort, which builds on Andrew Collette's h5py module and the PyXLL package available from Enthought. While the add-in in its current form will be suitable for only a small fraction of many potential users, we hope to learn as much as we can from this, and if it seems promising, we intend to create a different version aimed at a wider audience.

As you will see, for this first version, the emphasis was on functionality and there are no graphical frills or embellishments. This version is meant for intermediate to advanced users, who are looking for just a few useful functions, which they can integrate into their workbooks. In the end, only an in-depth discussion can reveal where additional development is needed, and we would like to invite you to participate in that discussion.

Before taking the plunge and trying to install PyHexad, we recommend you watch the introductory PyHexad movies. If that wets your appetite, have a look at the PyHexad installation instructions

We need your help: Please join the discussion on the HDF-Forum and report problems, suggest improvements, submit pull requests or support the development in other creative ways!


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