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HDFView 3.2.0 was built and tested with HDF5-1.12.2, HDF 4.2.15, and openjdk 15. 

The source code and pre-built binaries are provided in the table below.

* This release provides two ways to install the HDFView pre-built binary distribution for a platform:

  • Using an application image. This method simply requires running the provided executable to obtain the software.
  • Running an installer. This method runs an installer (eg .exe) that sets up file associations and menu items.

Once you have uncompressed the downloaded pre-built binary file, refer to the provided README file for details.

See Known Problems if you encounter any issues.

  Location of Software:


File (and sha256 file)TypeOperating SystemComment
hdfview-3.2.0.tar.gz (sha256)Source CodeUnixCompressed source.  Build Instructions (sha256)Source CodeWindowsCompressed source zip file.  Build Instructions

HDFView User's Guide

Documentation PDF

UsersGuide.tar.gz (sha256)

DocumentationUnixHTML; Compressed documentation (sha256)DocumentationWindowsHTML; Compressed documentation
HDFView-3.2.0-centos7_64.tar.gz (sha256)Pre-built binaryLinux 3.10 CentOS 7 x86_64Compressed pre-built binary; uses installer --see * above)
HDFView-3.2.0-osx1013_64.tar.gz (sha256)Pre-built binarymacOS 10.13Compressed pre-built binary; uses installer --see * above) (sha256)Pre-built binaryWindows 10 64-bit

Compressed pre-built binary; uses installer – see * above) 

Please see Known Problems if you are unable to launch HDFView

HDFViewApp-3.2.0-centos7_64.tar.gz (sha256)Pre-built binaryLinux 3.10 CentOS 7 x86_64Application Image (see * above)   
HDFViewApp-3.2.0-osx1013_64.tar.gz (sha256)Pre-built binarymacOS 10.13Application Image (see * above) (sha256)Pre-built binaryWindows 10 64-bit

Application Image (see * above) 

Please see Known Problems if you are unable to launch HDFView

All ready-to-use pre-built binariesPre-built binaryUnix and WindowsAll pre-built HDFView binary distributions provided

Known Problems In This Release

  • Workaround for issue with launching HDFView:
    A path issue which causes HDFView to fail to launch can be resolved by using the included batch script in the binary under the app folder.
  • If installing HDFView with the installer method, please be aware that the installer does NOT overwrite "hardcoded" associations.  If there is a pre-existing user-defined file association, you must manually associate the extension with the HDFView application.
  • Attributes with variable-length references will cause HDFView 3.2.0 to crash. This will happen upon reading the attribute for the display attributes tab.

Please see the release notes for more information on known problems.


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