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FileTypeCompilersCommentsInstall InstructionsMD5 Checksum
hdf5-1.8.22.tar.gzSource release Gzipped source tar fileSee release_docs/hdf5-1.8.22.md5
hdf5-1.8.22.tar.bz2Source release Bzipped source tar fileSee release_docs/    "
hdf5-1.8.22.tarSource release Source tar fileSee release_docs/    "
hdf5-1.8.22.zipSource release Windows zip file     "
CMake-hdf5-1.8.22.tar.gzCMake source release 

File to build HDF5 with CMake on Unix

See Build Instructions.    "
CMake-hdf5-1.8.22.zipCMake source release 

File to build HDF5 with CMake on Windows

See Build Instructions.    "

Linux 3.10 CentOS 7 x86_64 binary

gcc, g++, gfortran 4.8.5
See Binary compatibility issue and workaround below when replacing previous binary without rebuilding applications

hdf5-1.8.22-Std-win10_64-vs16.zipWindows 64-bit binaryCMake VS 2019 C, C++, IVF 19

To compile and run the included examples you must set INSTALLDIR to the location of HDF5 when running ctest. For example:

ctest -S HDF518_Examples.cmake,INSTALLDIR=MyLocation

-C Release -V -O test.log


Binary compatibility issue and workaround

HDF5-1.8.22 binaries can replace the previous HDF5 version to run with applications compiled and linked with HDF5-1.8.21 and possibly HDF5 versions as early as 1.8.15.  However, HDF5 checks versions in library files against versions in header files used to compile an application and will cause the application to abort when they do not match.  An environment variable, HDF5_DISABLE_VERSION_CHECK, governs this behavior and can be set as follows:

  • 2 skips the check
  • 1 warns but does not abort
  • 0 is the default behavior, aborting when the HDF5 version in the library files does not match the version in the header files.

Future of HDF5-1.8

Please be aware that the next release (HDF5-1.8.23) is expected to be the last release for HDF5-1.8. We encourage users to move to HDF5-1.10.7 or to HDF5-1.12.1 when available.


Interface Compatibility Report



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