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   Location of Software:

FileTypeCommentInstall InstructionsSHA256 Checksum
hdf5-1.10.10.tar.gz Source release

Unix Gzipped source tar file.  See Methods to obtain (below).

release_docs/ directory in source hdf5-1.10.10.sha256
hdf5-1.10.10.tar.bz2 Source releaseUnix Bzipped source tar filerelease_docs/ directory in source   " Source releaseWindows zip filerelease_docs/ directory in source   "
CMake-hdf5-1.10.10.tar.gz CMake source release

File to build HDF5 with CMake (Unix).  See Methods to obtain (below).

Building HDF5 with CMake   " CMake source release File to build HDF5 with CMake on Windows
Building HDF5 with CMake   "
Ready to use Binaries The binaries include the plugins  
HDF5 PluginsBinary FileThe filter plugins are included in binary and CMake source downloads. However, if you would like one of the pre-built HDF5 plugin distributions for Unix or Windows, please contact us at help at on HDF5 Filter Plugins 
Methods to obtain  (gz file)
  • firefox – Download file and then run:  gzip -cd <distribution>.tar.gz | tar xzf -
    chrome –  Download file and then run:  gzip -cd <distribution>.tar.gz | tar xvf -
    wget – wget<distribution>.tar.gz
                gzip -cd <distribution>.tar.gz | tar xvf 

Known Problems at Release Time

  • Several example programs in HDF5 source/java/examples will fail in “make check” when HDF5 built with Autotools has been configured with --prefix=<install directory path>.  This occurs because Autotools puts the path for in libhdf5_java.dylib, and the failed example programs attempt to dlopen in the install location which does not yet exist.  The problem does not occur when no prefix is given, and only on macOS platforms.

    The simplest workaround is to run “make install” before “make check”, which will insure that is found when needed by libhdf5_java.dylib.  If “make install” cannot be run before “make check”, running “make -I check” after the java examples have failed will allow running any tests that did not run following the java examples.  The output can then be searched to find “FAILED” for any tests that fail following the java examples.

  • The function prototype for H5Treclaim was mistakenly added to code for HDF5 1.10.9;  however no implementation code was added.  This prototype has been removed, resulting in a source incompatibility for shared library versions between HDF5 versions 1.10.10 and 1.10.9, but not binary incompatibility since the function was not implemented.

Tested Platforms and Configuration Features

NOTE:  HDF5-1.10 requires MPI 3.

See the Release Notes for details.

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