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Completed projects:

    • BioHDF
      The BioHDF project is a collaborative effort to develop portable, scalable, next-generation sequencing (NGS) data storage technologies in HDF5.
    • Bioinformatics  
      HDF5 has many potential applications in the growing field of bioinformatics.

    • Concurrent Read/Write File Access
      The European synchrotron particle accelerator community and The HDF Group have been working together to develop the capability for multiple reader processes to read from an HDF5 file while another process writes to the file.

    • HDF5 and .NET
      HDF5 .NET wrappers for HDF5.

    • HDF4 Mapping
      XML schema and tools for reading HDF4 files without relying on the HDF4 library.

Old archived projects can be found on The HDF Group local ftp server under Archived Completed Projects.

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