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Testing ph5diff ... Expected result differs from actual result

When I run make check, it fails with errors similar to this:

  Testing ph5diff -v -p 0.05 --use-system-epsilon h5diff_basic1.h5 h5dif*FAILED*
  ====Expected result (expect_sorted) differs from actual result (actual_sorted)  

What can I do to resolve these errors?

These are not valid errors. The test is comparing saved output in HDF5 with the output from running the test, and the two do not match.

When running the tests, ignore the errors by either specifying "make -i" or setting the HDF5_Make_Ignore environment variable. Also, redirect the output to a file. For example:

  env HDF5_Make_Ignore=yes gmake check >& check.out  

Then edit the resulting check.out file and search for:

  *** Error ignored  

If the only tests that fail are those that compare saved output with the test output, then your installation should be okay. You can run ph5diff manually from the command line, to be certain it is working properly.