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This document is a user's guide on how to use HDFView. For information on implementing an HDFView module, please read A User's Guide on How to Implement HDFView Modules

HDFView is a graphic utility designed for viewing and editing the contents of HDF4 and HDF5 files. This document provides the following information:

  • User instructions for HDFView
  • A brief discussion of the HDF object model (Details of the HDF object model are available from HDF Object Package.)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Overview

1.2 About This Release

1.3 Further Information


Chapter 2: Getting Started

2.1 The Main Window

2.2 Opening a File

2.3 Tree View of File Hierarchy

2.4 Status Information

2.5 Viewing HDF Metadata

2.6 Command-line Options


Chapter 3: HDF Object Model

3.1 Overview

3.2 The HDF Object Package

3.3 Class Hierarchy

3.4 Using the HDF Object Package


Chapter 4: The Tree Viewer

4.1 Overview

4.2 Tree Structure

4.3 View Data Content

4.3.1 Show Bit Values

4.4 Display Metadata and Attributes

4.5 Edit File and File Structure

4.5.1 Create and Save File

4.5.2 Setting the Library version bounds

4.5.3 Add and Delete Object

4.5.4 Copy and Paste Object

4.5.5 Move Object

4.5.6 Add, Delete and Modify Attribute


Chapter 5: Table Viewer

5.1 Open Dataset

5.2 Subset and Dimension Selection

5.2.1 Setting Valid Values

5.2.2 Dimension Size

5.2.3 Three or More Dimensions

5.2.4 Swap Dimension and Data Transpose

5.2.5 Compound Dataset Options

5.3 Display a Column/Row Line Plot

5.4 Change Data Value

5.5 Save Data Values to a Text File

5.6 Import Data from a Text File

5.7 Dataset storing references

5.7.1 Dataset Storing Object References

5.7.2 Dataset Storing Dataset Region References

5.8 Sava Data Values to a Binary File

5.9 Import Data from a Binary File


Chapter 6: Image Viewer

6.1 Display a 2-D or 3-D Image

6.1.1 Indexed Image (8-Bit)

6.1.2 True Color Image

6.2 Zoom/Flip/Contour Image

6.3 Animation

6.4 View and Modify Image Palette/Values

6.5 Show Histogram of Pixel Values

6.6 Import JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP Image to HDF4/5

6.7 Save HDF Image to JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP File


Chapter 7: Text Viewer

7.1 Copy and Paste Text

7.2 Moving Text

7.3 Saving Text


Chapter 8: User Options

8.1 General Settings

8.1.1 Working Directory

8.1.2 User's Guide Path

8.1.3 File Access Mode

8.1.4 File Extensions

8.1.5 Library Versions

8.1.6 Text Font

8.1.7 Image Options

8.1.8 Data Options

8.1.9 Number of Open Objects

8.1.10 Display Indexing

8.2 Default Modules

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