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Repartitions a file or family of files

h5repart [-v] [-V] [-[b|m]N[g|m|k]] [-family_to_single][-family_to_sec2] source_file dest_file


h5repart joins a family of files into a single file, or copies one family of files to another while changing the size of the family members. h5repart can also be used to copy a single file to a single file with holes. At this stage, h5repart cannot split a single non-family file into a family of file(s).

To convert a family of files to a single non-family file such as sec2, log VFD, or Windows VFD, the -family_to_single option must be used. (Please note that as of HDF5-1.10.5, the -family_to_sec2 option has been deprecated in favor of -family_to_single.)

Sizes associated with the -b and -m options may be suffixed with g for gigabytes, m for megabytes, or k for kilobytes.

File family names include an integer printf format such as %d.

Options and Parameters:
-vProduce verbose output
-VPrint a version number and exit
-bNThe I/O block size, defaults to 1kB
-mNThe destination member size or 1GB
-family_to_singleConvert file driver from family to single non-family file such as sec2, log VFD, or Windows VFD
-family_to_sec2   Identical to --family-to-single for sec2 (this option was deprecated in 1.10.5)
source_file    The name of the source file
dest_fileThe name of the destination files

Exit Status:
> 0    An error occurred
Release    Change
1.10.5The -family_to_single command line argument was added, and -family_to_sec2 was deprecated. 


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