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Tests HDF5 serial performance
h5perf_serial [-h | --help]
h5perf_serial [options]

h5perf_serial provides tools for testing the performance of the HDF5 Library in serial mode.

See h5perf_serial, a Serial File System Benchmarking Tool for a complete description of this tool.

The following environment variable can be set to control the specfied aspect of h5perf_serial behavior:

HDF5_NOCLEANUPIf set, h5perf_serial does not remove data files. 
(Default: Data files are removed.)
HDF5_PREFIXSets the prefix for output data files.

Options and Parameters:

The term size specifier is used as follows in this section:

A size specifier is an integer greater than or equal to 0 (zero) followed by a size indicator:

for kilobytes (1024 bytes)
M for kilobytes (1024 bytes)
 G for gigabytes (1073741824 bytes)

 37M  specifies 37 megabytes or 38797312 bytes.


-A api_list   

Specifies which APIs to test. api_list is a comma-separated list with the following valid values:

hdf5  HDF5 library APIs

(Default: All APIs are monitored.)

Example: -A hdf5,posix specifies that the HDF5 and POSIX APIs are to be monitored.

-c chunk_size_listSpecifies chunked storage and defines chunks dimensions and sizes. 
(Default: Chunking is off.)

chunk_size_list is a comma-separated list of size specifiers. For example, a chunk_size_list value of
specifies that chunking is turned on and that chunk size is 2 kilobytes by 4 kilobytes by 6 megabytes.

-e dataset_size_list   Specifies dataset dimensionality and dataset dimension sizes. 
(Default dataset size is 100x200, or 100,200.)

dataset_size_list is a comma-separated list of size specifiers, which are defined above.

For example, a dataset_size_list value of 
specifies a 2 kilobytes by 4 kilobytes by 6 megabytes dataset.

-i iterationsSpecifies the number of iterations to perform. 
(Default: A single iteration, 1, is performed.)

iterations is an integer specifying the number of iterations.

-r access_orderSpecifies dimension access order. 
(Default: 1,2)

access_order is a comma-separated list of integers specifying the order of access. For example, 
    -r 1,3,2 
specifies the traversal of dimension 1 first, then dimension 3, and finally dimension 2.

-tSelects extendable HDF5 dataset dimensions. 
(Default: Datasets are fixed size.)
-v file_driverSelects HDF5 driver to be used for HDF5 file access. 
(Default: sec2)

Valid values are as follows: 

-wSpecifies the performance of write tests only, read performance will not be tested. 
(Default: Both write and read tests are performed.)
-x buffer_size_listSpecifies transfer buffer dimensions and sizes. 
(Default: 10,20)



Exit Status:
> 0    An error occurred.

Release    Change
1.8.1Tool introduced in this release.

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