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Installation Instructions

Instructions for installing HDF5 can be found in the INSTALL_parallel file in the release_docs/ directory of the source code.

Tutorials and Presentations

There are several HDF5 tutorials and presentations that will help in learning Parallel HDF5:

Learning the Basics

New users to HDF5 should work through this tutorial first. It does not cover parallel programming but contains basic information needed in order to use Parallel HDF5. For example, subsetting is not a parallel feature but it is commonly used in Parallel HDF5 and important to understand.

Introduction to Parallel HDF5

This tutorial is for users who are familiar with HDF5. It provides information on creating and writing to files with Parallel HDF5.


Users may also be interested in the Introduction to Scientific I/O tutorial provided by NERSC. It contains information on scientific I/O and parallel programming (which includes HDF5).

Using Parallel HDF5

Further information on using Parallel HDF5 can be found here:

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that came from helping users.

Collective Calling Requirements in Parallel HDF5 Applications

This page contains information on how HDF5 functions must be called (collectively or independently) and properties used in Parallel HDF5.

Information on Performance

Information on performance can be found in the following documents and frequently asked question:

PHDF5 Design Documents

Enabling a Strict Consistency Semantics Model in Parallel HDF5

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