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Bypassing default HDF5 behavior in order to optimize for specific use cases (H5DO)

  • H5DO_APPENDAppends data to a dataset along a specified dimension
  • H5DO_READ_CHUNKReads a raw data chunk directly from a dataset in a file into a buffer (DEPRECATED)
  • H5DO_WRITE_CHUNKWrites a raw data chunk from a buffer directly to a dataset in a file (DEPRECATED)

HDF5 functions described is this section are implemented in the HDF5 High-level library as optimized functions. These functions generally require careful setup and testing as they enable an application to bypass portions of the HDF5 library’s I/O pipeline for performance purposes.

These functions are distributed in the standard HDF5 distribution and are available any time the HDF5 High-level library is available.

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