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Release Information

Release Specification Information contains details about new features and software changes in each release.

General Topics in HDF5

Topics that are broadly applicable in HDF5 applications are found under General Topics in HDF5:

Chunking in HDF5Detailed information regarding chunking in HDF5
Using Compression in HDF5Resources regarding compression
Improving I/O Performance When Working with HDF5 Compressed DatasetsA description of the factors that should be considered when storing compressed data in HDF5 files and how to tune those parameters to optimize the I/O performance of an HDF5 application when working with compressed datasets (PDF)
Parallel HDF5Information on Parallel HDF5
Fill Value and Space Allocation BehaviorA table summarizing of the behavioral interactions of HDF5 fill value and storage allocation settings  
H5Fill BehaviorThe library's fill value behavior for property list settings
SZIP Compression in HDF5A description of SZIP compression in HDF5, H5Pset_szip, terms of use and copyright notice, and references  
HDF5 Library Release Versions NumbersA description of HDF5 library release version numbering
Using IdentifiersDescription of how identifiers work
UTF-8 encoding in HDF5 applicationsInformation on using UTF-8 encoding in HDF5 applications

Advanced Topics in HDF5

More advanced topics are discussed under Advanced Topics in HDF5, including dynamic plugins and Virtual Datasets.

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