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Combines records from two tables into a third


H5TB_COMBINE_TABLES (loc_id1, dset_name1, loc_id2, dset_name2, dset_name3)


 herr_t H5TBcombine_tables ( hid_t loc_id1, const char *dset_name1, hid_t loc_id2, const char *dset_name2,  const char *dset_name3 )

hid_t loc_id1IN: Identifier of the file or group in which the first table is located
const char *dset_name1IN: The name of the first table to combine
hid_t loc_id2IN: Identifier of the file or group in which the second table is located
const char *dset_name2IN: The name of the second table to combine
const char *dset_name3IN: The name of the new table


H5TB_COMBINE_TABLES combines records from two datasets named dset_name1 and dset_name2, to a new table named dset_name3. These tables can be located on different files, identified by loc_id1 and loc_id2 (identifiers obtained with H5F_CREATE). They can also be located on the same file. In this case one uses the same identifier for both parameters  loc_id1 and loc_id2. If two files are used, the third table is written in the first file.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


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