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Retrieves prefix applied to external link paths

H5P_GET_ELINK_PREFIX ( lapl_id, prefix, size )

ssize_t H5Pget_elink_prefix(
        hid_t lapl_id,
        char *prefix,
        size_t size


hid_t lapl_idIN: Link access property list identifier
char *prefix    OUT: Prefix applied to external link paths
size_t sizeIN: Size of prefix, including null terminator

H5P_GET_ELINK_PREFIX retrieves the prefix applied to the path of any external links traversed.

When an external link is traversed, the prefix is retrieved from the link access property list lapl_id, returned in the user-allocated buffer pointed to by prefix, and prepended to the filename stored in the external link.

The size in bytes of the prefix, including the NULL terminator, is specified in size. If size is unknown, a preliminary H5P_GET_ELINK_PREFIX call with the pointer prefix set to NULL will return the size of the prefix without the NULL terminator.

If successful, returns a non-negative value specifying the size in bytes of the prefix without the NULL terminator; otherwise returns a negative value.

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Release    Change
1.8.0Function introduced in this release.

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