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Encodes the property values in a property list into a binary buffer

This function was deprecated in favor of the function H5P_ENCODE2 or the macro H5P_ENCODE.


H5P_ENCODE1 (  plist_id, buf, nalloc )


herr_t H5Pencode1 ( hid_t plist_id, void *buf, size_t *nalloc )

hid_t plist_id    IN: Identifier of the property list to be encoded
void *bufOUT: Buffer into which the property list will be encoded
If the provided buffer is NULL, the size of the buffer required is returned through nalloc; the function does nothing more.
size_t *nallocOUT: The size of the required buffer


H5P_ENCODE1 encodes the property list plist_id into the binary buffer buf.

If the required buffer size is unknown, buf can be passed in as NULL and the function will set the required buffer size in nalloc. The buffer can then be created and the property list encoded with a subsequent H5P_ENCODE1 call.

If the buffer passed in is not big enough to hold the encoded properties, the H5P_ENCODE1 call can be expected to fail with a segmentation fault.

Properties that do not have encode callbacks will be skipped. There is currently no mechanism to register an encode callback for a user-defined property, so user-defined properties cannot currently be encoded.

Some properties cannot be encoded, particularly properties that are reliant on local context.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.

Release    Change
1.12.0H5P_ENCODE renamed to H5P_ENCODE1 and deprecated.
1.10.0Function introduced in this release.

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