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Creating and manipulating HDF5 datasets that are associated with the dimension of another HDF5 dataset (H5DS)

HDF5 Dimension Scale API Reference

Programming Hints:

To use any of these functions or subroutines, you must first include the relevant include file (C) or module (Fortran) in your application.

The following line includes the HDF5 Dimension Scale package, H5DS, in C applications:
         #include "hdf5_hl.h"

This line includes the H5DS module in Fortran applications:
         use h5ds

  • H5DS_ATTACH_SCALEAttach dimension scale dsid to dimension idx of dataset did.
  • H5DS_DETACH_SCALEDetach dimension scale dsid from the dimension idx of Dataset did.
  • H5DS_GET_LABELRead the label for dimension idx of did into buffer label.
  • H5DS_GET_NUM_SCALESDetermines how many Dimension Scales are attached to dimension idx of did.
  • H5DS_GET_SCALE_NAMERetrieves name of scale did into buffer name.
  • H5DS_IS_ATTACHEDReport if dimension scale dsid is currently attached to dimension idx of dataset did.
  • H5DS_IS_SCALEDetermines whether dset is a Dimension Scale.
  • H5DS_ITERATE_SCALESIterates the operation visitor through the scales attached to dimension dim.
  • H5DS_SET_LABELSet label for the dimension idx of did to the value label.
  • H5DS_SET_SCALEConvert dataset dsid to a dimension scale, with optional name, dimname.

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