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The HDF5 configure options to enable the HDFS vfd are:

  • Autotools configure        --with-libhdfs=$HADOOP_HOME
  • CMake  option                   HDF5_ENABLE_HDFS

Both will require setting HADOOP_HOME.  For autotools configure, these environment variable settings may be necessary:

  • add $HADOOP_HOME/lib/native and $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/amd64/server to LD_LIBRARY_PATH.     
  • export CLASSPATH= `$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop classpath --glob`

Installation and Use

The following video contains information on installing and using the HDF5 HDFS VFD. 


    Click on the arrow and select "YouTube" at the bottom.

An HDFS instance is required to verify the proper functioning of the VFD. Fortunately, HDFS can be deployed in standalone or pseudo-distributed mode in non-clustered environments for testing and development. The HDFS VFD bundle includes a set of tests and the scripts to set up such transient HDFS deployments.

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