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The following table organizes HDF (4) tools by category to help users focus on the tools they need.





View or Display  
HDFViewInteractive Java tool. Can view HDF file tree structure, images, spreadsheets, properties, attributes. 
hdpCommand-line tool to view HDF filehdp list file.hdf
hdp dumpsds file.hdf
hdflsCommand-line tool to view HDF filehdfls file.hdf
vshowCommand-line tool to view Vgroups and Vdatas in an HDF file.vshow file.hdf +
HDFViewInteractive Java tool: can create, edit, add attributes/datasets 
HDFViewInteractive Java tool. Text and Binary data can be exported to a file. HDF4 and HDF5 images and palettes can be exported to JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP files. 
hdpText and binary data can be exported to a file.hdp dumpsds -s -d -n "data1" file.hdf > file.asc
hdp dumpsds -b -o file.bin file.hdf
HDFViewCan convert GIF, JPEG, BMP, and PNG images into HDF, and vice-versaSee Section 6.6 in UG.
h4toh5Command-line utility to convert HDF files into HDF5.h4toh5 foo.hdf foo.h5
h4toh5 -na foo.hdf foo.h5 (convert to HDF5 files without the pre-defined HDF attributes)
HDF to NetCDF  Several tools to get HDF to NetCDF 
HDF To ExcelYou can use hdp or HDFView to get output that is readable by Excel.

Save file to ASCII then import into Excel:

hdp dumpsds -s -d -n "data1" sd.hdf > & sd.asc

HDF-EOS2 to GeoTIFF Convert HDF file to GeoTiff. Requires file to be HDF-EOS to include requred information such as latitude/longitude. 

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