Opens the HDF5 object referenced


H5R_OPEN_OBJECT ( ref_ptr, rapl_id, oapl_id )


<pre><code class="language-c">hid_t H5Ropen_region ( const H5R_ref_t *ref_ptr, hid_t rapl_id, hid_t oapl_id )</code></pre>

<pre><code class="language-fortran">Replace this text with the Fortran function signature</code></pre>

const H5R_ref_t * ref_ptr

IN: Pointer to reference to open.
H5R_ref_t is defined in H5Rpublic.h as:   typedef unsigned char H5R_ref_t[H5R_REF_BUF_SIZE];

hid_t rapl_idIN: Valid reference access property list identifier
hid_t oapl_idIN: Valid object access property list identifier


Given a reference, ref_ptr, to an object, a region in an object or an attribute attached to an object, H5R_OPEN_OBJECT opens that object and returns an identifier.

The parameter oapl_id is an object access property list identifier for the referenced object. The access property list must be of the same type as the object being referenced, that is a group or dataset property list.

The object opened with this function should be closed when it is no longer needed so that resource leaks will not develop. Use the appropriate close function such as H5O_CLOSE or H5D_CLOSE for datasets.


Returns identifier of referenced object if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.



1.12.0C function was introduced in this release.