CJavaPythonExamples from Users


These examples were created from helping users.

Create Unicode attribute name and valueunicode.c
Create a dataset with a variety of H5T_ARRAY datatypes (including variable length string)H5Tarray_examples.c


The following examples are used for in-house testing, but may be useful to others, as well. They are included in the hdf-java-examples project code.


FeatureNative API ExampleObject Example
Create fileHDF5FileCreate.javaH5FileCreate.java
Create a datasetHDF5DatasetCreate.javaH5DatasetCreate.java
Read a datasetHDF5DatasetRead.javaH5DatasetRead.java
Create an attributeHDF5AttributeCreate.javaH5AttributeCreate.java
Create a groupHDF5GroupCreate.javaH5GroupCreate.java
Create a file with groups and datasets and retrieve the file structure  HDF5FileStructure.javaH5FileStructure.java
Select a subset HDF5SubsetSelect.java H5SubsetSelect.java


FeatureNative API ExampleObject Example
Create fileHDF4FileCreate.javaH4FileCreate.java
Create a datasetHDF4DatasetCreate.javaH4DatasetCreate.java
Read a datasetHDF4DatasetRead.javaH4DatasetRead.java
Create an attributeHDF4AttributeCreate.javaH4AttributeCreate.java
Create a groupHDF4GroupCreate.javaH4GroupCreate.java
Create a file with groups and datasets and retrieve the file structure  HDF4FileStructure.javaH4FileStructure.java
Select a subset HDF4SubsetSelect.javaH4SubsetSelect.java


This page includes additional Python examples which correspond to many of the source code and tutorial examples.

Compound dataseth5_compound.py
Gzip compressed dataseth5_gzip.py
Hyperslab selectionh5_hype.py
Hyperslab selection (modifying block size)h5_hypeb.py
Linksh5_links.py (Needs file created by h5_crtdat.py on the Examples from Learning the Basics)
Object referenceh5_objref.py
Read integer data into float bufferh5_readtofloat.py
Region referenceh5_regref.py
Select an element (subset)h5_selecelem.py
Unlimited dimension dataseth5_unlim.py
Visit itemsh5_visita.py
Variable length stringh5_vlstring.py