Determines whether times associated with an object are being recorded


H5P_GET_OBJ_TRACK_TIMES ( ocpl_id, track_times )


<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5Pget_obj_track_times(
        hid_t ocpl_id,
        hbool_t *track_times

<pre><code class="language-fortran">Replace this text with the Fortran function signature</code></pre>

hid_t ocpl_idIN: Object creation property list identifier
hbool_t *track_times    OUT: Boolean value, TRUE or FALSE, specifying whether object times are being recorded


H5P_GET_OBJ_TRACK_TIMES queries the object creation property list, ocpl_id, to determine whether object times are being recorded.

If track_times is returned as TRUE, times are being recorded; if track_times is returned as FALSE, times are not being recorded.

Time data can be retrieved with H5O_GET_INFO, which will return it in the H5O_info_t struct.

If times are not tracked, they will be reported as follows when queried:
    12:00 AM UDT, Jan. 1, 1970

See H5P_SET_OBJ_TRACK_TIMES for further discussion.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.


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Release    Change
1.8.0Function introduced in this release.