Updates HDF5 compiler tools after an HDF5 software installation in a new location

<pre><code class="language-bash">h5redeploy [help | -help]
h5redeploy [-echo] [-force] [-prefix=dir] [-exec-prefix=dir] [-libdir=dir] [-includedir=dir] [-tool=tool] [-show]</code></pre>

h5redeploy updates the HDF5 compiler tools after the HDF5 software has been installed in a new location.

Options and Parameters:
help, -helpPrints a help message.
-echoShows all the shell commands executed.
-forcePerforms the requested action without offering any prompt requesting confirmation.
-prefix=dirSpecifies a new directory in which to find the HDF5 subdirectories lib/ and include/. 
(Default: current working directory)
Specifies a new directory in which to find the HDF5 lib/ subdirectory. 
(Default: prefix)
-libdir=dirSpecifies a new directory for the HDF5 lib/ directory. 
(Default: exec-prefix/lib)
-includedir=dirSpecifies a new directory for the HDF5 include/ directory. 
(Default: prefix/include)
-tool=toolSpecifies the tool to update. 
tool must be in the current directory and must be writable. 
(Default: h5cc h5pcc h5fc h5pfc h5c++)
-showShows all of the shell commands to be executed without actually executing them.

Exit Status:
> 0    An error occurred.

Release    Change
1.8.11-exec-prefix, -libdir, and -includedir options added.
1.8.5Tool exit status codes updated.
1.6.0Tool introduced in this release.