Deletes a field from a table


H5TB_DELETE_FIELD (loc_id, dset_name, field_name )


<pre><code class="language-c"> herr_t H5TBdelete_field ( hid_t loc_id, const char *dset_name, const char *field_name )</code></pre>

<pre><code class="language-fortran">subroutine h5tbdelete_field_f(loc_id, dset_name, field_name, errcode)
  implicit none
  integer(HID_T), intent(IN) :: loc_id        ! file or group identifier 
  character(LEN=*), intent(IN) :: dset_name   ! name of the dataset 
  character(LEN=*), intent(IN) :: field_name  ! name of the field
  integer :: errcode                          ! error code
end subroutine h5tbdelete_field_f</code></pre>

hid_t loc_idIN: Identifier of the file or group in which the table is located
const char *dset_nameIN: The name of the table
const char *field_nameIN: The name of the field to delete


H5TB_DELETE_FIELD deletes a  field named field_name from the table dset_name. Note: this function requires the table to be re-created and rewritten in its entirety, and this can result in some unused space in the file, and can also take a great deal of time if the table is large.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value.