Returns the object referenced by id


H5I_OBJECT_VERIFY(id, id_type)


<pre><code class="language-c">void * H5Iobject_verify( hid_t id, H5I_type_t id_type )</code></pre>

hid_t idIN: ID to be dereferenced
H5I_type_t type    IN: ID type to which id should belong


H5I_OBJECT_VERIFY returns a pointer to the memory referenced by id after verifying that id is of type id_type. This function is analogous to dereferencing a pointer in C with type checking.

H5I_REGISTER (H5I_type_t typevoid *object) takes an H5I_type_t and a void pointer to an object, returning an hid_t of that type. This hid_t can then be passed to H5I_OBJECT_VERIFY along with its type to retrieve the object.

H5I_OBJECT_VERIFY does not change the ID it is called on in any way (as opposed to H5I_REMOVE_VERIFY, which removes the ID from its type’s hash table).


Pointer to the object referenced by id on success, NULL on failure.


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