Deletes all identifiers of the given type


H5I_CLEAR_TYPE(type, force)


<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5Iclear_type( H5I_type_t type, hbool_t force )</code></pre>

H5I_type_t type    IN: Identifier of identifier type which is to be cleared of identifiers
hbool_t forceIN: Whether or not to force deletion of all identifiers


H5I_CLEAR_TYPE deletes all identifiers of the type identified by the argument type.

The identifier type’s free function is first called on all of these identifiers to free their memory, then they are removed from the type.

If the force flag is set to false, only those identifiers whose reference counts are equal to 1 will be deleted, and all other identifiers will be entirely unchanged. If the force flag is true, all identifiers of this type will be deleted.


Returns non-negative on success, negative on failure.


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