Returns the number of open object identifiers for an open file


H5F_GET_OBJ_COUNT (file_id, types)


<pre><code class="language-c">ssize_t H5Fget_obj_count( hid_t file_id, unsigned int types )</code></pre>

<pre><code class="language-fortran">SUBROUTINE h5fget_obj_count_f(file_id, obj_type, obj_count, hdferr)

  INTEGER(HID_T), INTENT(IN)  :: file_id    ! File identifier
  INTEGER, INTENT(IN)         :: obj_type   ! Object types, possible values are:
                                            !     H5F_OBJ_FILE_F
                                            !     H5F_OBJ_GROUP_F
                                            !     H5F_OBJ_DATASET_F
                                            !     H5F_OBJ_DATATYPE_F
                                            !     H5F_OBJ_ALL_F
  INTEGER(SIZE_T), INTENT(OUT) :: obj_count ! Number of opened objects
  INTEGER, INTENT(OUT)         :: hdferr    ! Error code 
                                            ! 0 on success and -1 on failure
END SUBROUTINE h5fget_obj_count_f</code></pre>

hid_t file_idIN: Identifier of a currently-open HDF5 file or H5F_OBJ_ALL for all currently-open HDF5 files
unsigned int types    IN: Type of object for which identifiers are to be returned


Given the identifier of an open file, file_id, and the desired object types, types, H5F_GET_OBJ_COUNT returns the number of open object identifiers for the file.

To retrieve a count of open identifiers for open objects in all HDF5 application files that are currently open, pass the value (hid_t)H5F_OBJ_ALL (FortranINT(H5F_OBJ_ALL_F,HID_T)) in file_id.

The types of objects to be counted are specified in types as follows:

H5F_OBJ_FILEFiles only
H5F_OBJ_DATASETDatasets only
H5F_OBJ_GROUPGroups only
H5F_OBJ_DATATYPE  Named datatypes only
H5F_OBJ_ATTR  Attributes only
H5F_OBJ_ALLAll of the above 
H5F_OBJ_LOCALRestrict search to objects opened through current file identifier. 
Note: H5F_OBJ_LOCAL does not stand alone; it is effective only when used in combination with one or more of the preceding types. For example, 
would count all datasets and groups opened through the current file identifier.

Multiple object types can be combined with the logical OR operator (|). For example, the expression (H5F_OBJ_DATASET|H5F_OBJ_GROUP) would call for datasets and groups.


Returns the number of open objects if successful; otherwise returns a negative value. 


Coming soon!

Release    Change
1.6.5H5F_OBJ_LOCAL has been added as a qualifier on the types of objects to be counted. H5F_OBJ_LOCAL restricts the search to objects opened through current file identifier.
1.6.8 and 1.8.2  C function return type changed to ssize_t.