Returns global information for a file

This function has been renamed from H5Fget_info and is deprecated in favor of the macro H5F_GET_INFO or the function H5F_GET_INFO2.



H5F_GET_INFO1(obj_id, file_info)


<pre><code class="language-c">herr_t H5Fget_info1( hid_t obj_id, H5F_info1_t *file_info )</code></pre>

hid_t obj_idIN: Object identifier for an object in the file; may be a file, group, dataset, named datatype or attribute
H5F_info1_t *file_info  OUT: Struct containing global file information


H5F_GET_INFO1 returns global information for the file associated with the object identifier obj_id in the H5F_info1_t struct named file_info.

obj_id is an identifier for any object in the file of interest.

An H5F_info1_t struct is defined as follows (in H5Fpublic.h):

        typedef struct H5F_info1_t {
            hsize_t           super_ext_size; 
            struct {
                hsize_t       hdr_size;      
                H5_ih_info_t  msgs_info;      
            } sohm;
        } H5F_info1_t; 

super_ext_size is the size of the superblock extension.


The sohm sub-struct contains shared object header message information: hdr_size is the size of shared of object header messages. msgs_info is a H5_ih_info_t struct containing the cumulative shared object header message index size and heap size; an H5_ih_info1_t struct is defined as follows (in H5public.h):

        typedef struct H5_ih_info_t {
            hsize_t     index_size;     
            hsize_t     heap_size;
        } H5_ih_info_t;

index_size is the summed size of all of the shared of object header indexes. Each index might be either a B-tree or a list. heap_size is the size of the heap.


Returns a non-negative value if successful; otherwise returns a negative value. 


Coming soon!

Release    Change
1.8.0Function introduced in this release.
1.10.0C function H5Fget_info renamed to H5Fget_info1 and deprecated in this release.